How It Works

Working practice(s)
Set Squared Group Limited (SSG) firmly believes that the world is rapidly changing and the days of the old-school-tie-/ golf-club-type recommendations are dying, soon dead.

There has to be a better way for the general public to source quality customer-focused advice from suitably qualified and trustworthy specialists.

Where? World-wide-web? You might choose wisely, or you might choose poorly? Are you prepared to take your chances? Does SEO (top of Google) really ensure best-of-breed advice?

What if there was a Platform of Distinction (POD) of collaborative specialists. Even better if these specialists practices had all been thoroughly vetted. Surely that would be of great benefit? How about if you already knew one of our specialists and with whom you have perhaps transacted business previously. The transference of trust from your existing known specialist to one of his collaborative ‘co-members’ is only one small step, yet could prove of immense value? What about if your, and your family’s, “Money and Tax” requirements (now and in the future) could all be addressed in this very same POD…now that could be a giant leap?

Set Squared Group Limited is aiming to address this gap in the market. SSG make it considerably simpler for business proprietors and senior personnel to make informed choices. We are able to do this by openly sharing the many years of accumulated wisdom of our platform of dedicated specialists.